Shift handover

HOB is a shift hand-over journal software designed to add value by replacing shift diaries and machine logs on paper with vivid communication.

The straightforward design of the shift log encourages its users to submit records quickly and with low effort. There is an annotation feature which lets different people edit their comments in a shared document simultaneously, without changing entries of their predecessors, and without delay when things must run quick close to the end of shift.

Each area can be organized into functional sections, mirroring an actual layout of offices, operator rooms, machines or production lines. In case of production lines, parameter grids may be added to the shift log template. When parameter values are collected, the creation of periodical key performance indicator charts (trends, deviations) becomes possible.

Public notice
Bits of information which are important to know beyond one’s own area can be published to a pinboard page, and will then appear prominently on top of the shift logs of all functions, until a defined date of expiry is reached, or the record is deleted. Recipients of such an announcement may choose to remove it from their pinboard when they’ve read and acknowledged it. This is a usefule mechanism to advertise tests, maintenance works or other changes with an inter-departmental impact.

Search & Find
Versatile query capabilities will take users directly to previous occurrences of the problem or question they might have, and previous answers and solutions to it. This includes a keyword-based full text search.

Clearly arranged presentation of data
One shift is represented by a contiguous block of text arranged in rows, one row per function. By clicking the link or the ‘Edit’ button, a text may be entered (or, when there is already text, an annotation to it). Contributors may change their own records until their shift is over.

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