Fault log

The ‘Fault Log’ module is completely embedded into the hand-over book environment. The path from shift documentation to fault reporting is therefore short and effortless. The amount of detail to report in a fault or failure situation can be configured in degrees – either, only a small record simply stating where, when, what gets posted, or the extended version with exhaustive additional information like location and affected part of machinery, measures taken to repair, and assembly sections or maintenance groups involved.

Through the enforcement of structured fault documentation, the software supports your operations in their efforts to identify error sources and subsequently implementing suitable countermeasures for a sustainable elimination of failure causes.
A collection of reasons to fail and the associated, time-tested countermeasures will build over time. Companies in possession of such data will have a powerful tool at their disposal suitable to reduce overall downtime, and accelerating the troubleshooting of failure scenarios.

The actual effort required to document a failure (typing) is further reduced through text building blocks which you can maintain in master data on your own. This contributes to overcome a possible initial reluctance to handle the software.

The built-in permission management allows for fine-grained control of read and write privileges on fault reports, on a per-user or per-role base.

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