Vehicle handover

Maintain your rolling stock in a ready-for-use and safe condition.
Keep the accounts of maintenance cases, fuel consumption and repairs.
Identify error-prone vehicles and decide in time, when to sort poorly performing vehicles out.

Vehicle handover documentation, when done consequently and in a comprehensible way, can address two important issues:

  • Routine checks: Are all used vehicles ready for use and in a safe condition?
  • Incidents: Who was operating the vehicle? What happened, and which were the circumstances?

The vehicle handover module in HOB offers simple functionality to document handover and take-over of mobile machinery quickly, in a well-structured and chronological fashion. Possible damages are logged by simply checking a box, if frequently affected parts like steering and brakes are involved. The input form is designed like a checklist, enforcing feedback on certain parts even when they are all right (‘kicking the tires’).

The specification of how detailed the documentation has to be done is variable and may include also such  parameters like the battery status of forklifts or other kinds of ground conveyors, and is not limited to any particular kind of craft.

Over time, statistical reports will reveal the major causes for problems with the fleet and enable you to design cost-efficient, specific improvement measures.

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