Your added value


How does HOB make a difference?

  1. Flexibility: What we offer is not a bulk product – we do take our customers’ wishlists seriously. As a big player solution, HOB supports department and site specific deviations while still sticking to the corporate central’s requirements.
  2. Fast: Saved selections offer quick access to most frequently used data
  3. Intelligent: Clear structuring and orderly layout contribute to the low training effort for which HOB is known
  4. Modern: Built using modern web features and standards like HTML5
  5. Accessible: web based, no client installations required, readily available whenever there is a network connection. No installation on workstations necessary
  6. Outgoing: interfaces connect to Exchange®, source databases like Access®, …
  7. Professional: A decade of experience in the field of industrial shift operation of the people contributing to this product made it into what it is today: A valuable tool for the personal side of the value chain.
  8. Agreeable: Our hotline is  answered by our own employees who know the product and are used to work on it as well as with it
  9. Adding value: In comparison to hand-written machine diaries or non-database solutions, there are several productivity-boosting benefits of HOB. Multiple data entry is prevented. Effort running into documentation is minimized. Establishment of time-tested standard procedures is promoted. Idle time and repetitions in the spirit of 5S can be reduced.


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