(Deutsch) Risikobeurteilung. Wie komme ich zu „Grün“, „Gelb“ „Orange“ oder „Rot“?

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Watch out!

Watch out!

Again this year, en-software was one among many participants of the “Forum Prevention”, following the invitation of Austria’s accident insurance carrier (AUVA).

„New media in occupational safety“ has been one of the main focuses of the Forum in Vienna Hofburg. Our product SHERM is featured as a supporting tool for safety professionals, so we looked for new trends right where they’re made.

Radio enters the ear, smartphones meet the eye

Decades ago people embraced radio a new medium. Nowadays, this term applies to smartphones, twitter, and apps and digital communication in general. Sharing information easily and with emotional pictures – these are the most important criteria of information today, according to the talk series “new media use in small and medium businesses”.

Chalk was yesterday?

Safe behaviour is the key to accident prevention (machinery hardly contributes to risk any more, as safety advisors agreed). One of the talks given by our customer Mondi Frantschach, was about how to communicate this to students at a technical college. Indeed, even chalk & blackboard can still be used. There’s no need for the young generation to turn to apps for answers. Much more important seems to be their involvement and hands-on experience, for example by collecting pictures from unsafe conditions and actions in their own everyday environment.

Not you, but the media to you have to be adapted

The concept of “Safety Circle” is one of the ideas how to anchor safety in people’s minds. How this can be achieved was the topic of our next customer, Sappi Gratkorn. To heighten safety awareness and share experience with colleagues (like in peer-to-peer reviews) are also part of how new media facilitates safety communication.

Where a boss might say “Move!”, a leader will say “Let’s go”

OMV gave a talk about safety trainings. Those are said to be effective as soon as leaders succeed in convincing trainees that their benefit is their own health, as opposed to rules and prohibitions enforced in a top-down fashion. To truly lead employees remains the hardest task for sure – however, pepping up their experience with creative video may help to motivate participants when they have to sit in yet another classical recurring training.

SHERM and HOB as Safety messengers

Whether it is an inspection, a shift passdown or an accident analysis – to share data, analyses, pictures and videos is a main idea behind SHERM and HOB. If the industry’s demand for even more mobility changes, then we will be the first in line to provide them with a set of apps beyond that what SHERM-APP currently can do. However, the forum 2015 has clearly showed one thing: Experiencing safety by good example and corporate leadership, involvement of employees, and dialogue with youth are of a higher value than just using new media alone.



Safety in the sign language of DIN EN ISO 7010

Safety in the sign language of DIN EN ISO 7010

Leading to safe behavior without many words – this is the aim of the international standard signs for protection against safety hazards. When we updated the modules «Hazardous Substances» and «Risk Assessment», we had a closer look on the revised version ASR A1.3:.

According to the norm, there are currently 10 newcomers already in the category ‘signs giving orders’. What do the ISO changes mean for the existing pictograms in blue out there? DIN suggests to update all the signs – arguing with the need for legal certainty, which would otherwise require another round of revisited workplace risk analyses and additional trainings. That is, more effort for safety advisors.

For pictograms with barely any noticeable difference between the versions, ISO was merciful and stated that no replacement was necessary. Certain other signs come with the recommendation to replace.
An inspection of the new character designs reveals that they feature smoother faces than their predecessors. We asked ourselves why they bothered, and when we were unable to find any hint, we settled with our own explanation of gender equality.

Even if not all the signs’ changes can be recognized at first sight, such an approach to streamlined international safety communication has the indisputable advantage of recognition value without the need for translation, and will promote safe behavior of visitors and employees.

As this example of the city museum of Ibbenbueren shows, today’s design came a long way.

Added capability to print individual hazards, findings, and measures

So far, it had only been possible to print hazards, findings, and measures as part of the report (audit, incident, …) to which they belonged. In compliance with requests from multiple of our customers we added a print button for these three types of entries, so it is now possible to take a hardcopy of a single measure entry to a meeting.

Safety Data Sheets / Hazardous Material Management

With the integration of hazardous materials management (safety data sheets), another important module is available to our customers from August 2013.

By integrating it with the SHERM platform and linking it to the existing risk assessment module, it became possible to track the release, storage and use of substances  and their quantities per department. The implementation focused on compliance with REACH and CLP regulations.

How to let the sun shine in everyday work – featured article on www.raumdirekt.com

What would the most beautiful springtime mean to you, if you can no longer enjoy it?
Our occupational health focus brought about a new module in SHERM which can assist you surveying your employees for mental stress they might be exposed to. Of course this would be just one out of many conceivable steps you can take to identify and address psychological workplace hazards.
Click here to read the article (in German only): Tipps für mehr Sonne im Arbeitsalltag

SHERM mentioned in “Menschen im Vertrieb” (“People in Sales”) blog

We got mentioned in a blog article of the Austrian marketing and sales consulters “Menschen im Vertrieb“. Click here to read more: (German only): Gastartikel: Was können Unternehmen gegen Burnout tun?

New hardcopy design

Some of our users integrate SHERM with their existing business intelligence and data warehouse systems (like IBM® Cognos™ or SAP® BW™, to name only a few), and generate and print safety-related reports from there. For those who don’t, we have worked over SHERM’s built-in reports and printout designs, giving them a modern, professional look and added the possibility to download hardcopies and reports as PDF files.

In cases where there is more than one report available, a selection screen will show when you click the ‘Print’ button:

Incident report printout choices

Incident report printout choices

Taking the safety incident report as an example, here is a preview of what those built-in reports look like. If your company operates QR code readers, you can use the capability to include a QR Code which, when scanned, opens the corresponding workflow (click on the pictures below to see an enlarged version of a sample):

Incident report hardcopy variant 1: Safety Alert Placard

Incident report hardcopy variant 1: Safety Alert Placard

Incident report hardcopy variant 2: Verbose report

Incident report hardcopy variant 2: Verbose report

Like before, custom designs are possible. Simple customizations like using a different company logo or hiding parts which you do not need, are supported. Published reports can be uploaded to a Microsoft® SharePoint™ list of your choice, and distributed by e-mail to applicable distribution lists.

Season’s greetings

To all our customers and partners we wish a

Merry Christmas and a Safe New Year!

SHERM Christmas Logo

Upload multiple pictures and documents simultaneously

Many of our customers have requested a feature to upload multiple pictures taken with their digital cameras at once, for example as attachments to an incident or observation report. So far – unless when using a tablet PC – picture files had to be added one after the other. We’re glad to announce that this feature has been realized.

  • In the “attachments” dialog, multiple files can be selected and uploaded at once
  • Small “thumbnail” preview images are shown before the actual attachments are submitted
  • The list of attachment ‘candidates’ can be modified, individual items can be removed
  • An enlarging preview is available by clicking on thumbnail images
  • The solution is valid for all types of document files, not only pictures
  • Files can also be dragged-and-dropped onto the attachment canvas from file explorer windows, USB sticks, SD cards and so on

Here is what it looks like:

Upload multiple files at once

Upload multiple files at once

The feature is complete and already available in the current version of SHERM.

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