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What is the value of SHERM?
Functional scope and flexibility as a complete package


Forms, like LTI incident, near miss and emergency responses are available. Accident reports DE, AT or CZ SHERM detects automatically. Interfaces and holiday calendar helps to calculate the lost time. The accident analysis, e.g. after 5 Why principle and measures workflow can be used. After publishing  of accident, the statistics in your intranet is available with a mouse click.

Besides a standard documentation for fire alarms, SHERM additionally offers an easy way to root cause analysis, cost assessment and information on reporting, extinguishing and operational procedure.

Here, the environmental damages can be logged and evaluated.

SHERM also includes the topics „Product Hygiene“ and „Industrial Hygiene“. Hygiene audits can be scheduled and statistically evaluated. Hygiene incidents can be documented, analyzed and evaluated.

SHERM provides support in the planning, recording and documentation of audits in the area of operational processes and procedures, management and quality (eg in the case of ISO® compliance). The resulting findings may refer to affected chapter and section numbers of management system procedures.

The easy-to-use input form is available to employees to learn from each other. During a short conversation, they recognize unsafe acts and conditions and document those. This participatory approach helps management to motivate employees to pay more attention to their own working behavior.

Any unsafe conditions are recorded on site, just attaching a photo with important mapping information. At a later time, resulting measures are derived. Upcoming appointments can easily be organized and monitored with integrated calendar and reminder functions.


SHERM supports not only the classic, job-related risk assessment but also the approach to risk reduction. For this, the risk of individual activities is assessed and the risk-reducing measures can be defined. To save time, you can manage activity-related hazards in a hazard catalog. A hazard can be related to several sub-areas, so that each employee can query the dangerous situations in their area. Afterwards, the health protection document will be compiled and shared with concerned persons. PDF documents are available with a mouse click. Risk assessments are linked to other issues such as processes, the legal register, hazardous substances, PPE, checklists.

In Germany and Austria, ISIS MED is known as a highly specialized software for the administration and documentation of medical examinations. An interface with this software enables communication between employees of occupational medicine (ISIS MED) and occupational safety (SHERM / ISIS SAFETY). Also, accidents entered in ISIS MED are transmitted on the spot, therefore avoiding duplication.

The required questionnaires and surveys can easily be controlled with SHERM. First, the standardized survey form is displayed, then the participants are assigned to the appointments. The employees receive an invitation to take the survey by e-mail. The practical thing here is that the measures that are created basedon survey results, will take the same path like any other actionable item in the system, a streamlined and systematic tracking.


SHERM promotes a simple and at the same time compliant handling of substances used according to the REACH and CLP regulations. In combination with hazard analysis, the quantities stored and consumed stay in control. Employees receive an overview of the substances used in their own area, information on the necessary protective equipment and emergency measures in the event of spill or contact. The operating instructions, safety data sheets and CLP labels are printable.

New working material has to be ordered first. Before that, those responsible decide which material is best suited in terms of safety, health, environment, quality and cost. According to feedback from environment, purchasing, occupational safety and occupational medicine departments, a compliant substance is ordered and added to the substance database.

In order to implement environmental management according to ISO 14001 / EMAS or ISO 45001, SHERM analyzes the environmental aspects, such as emissions, waste, resources, etc. of substances and processes for their effects in the respective domains. Not only the risks, but also opportunities are documented and communicated.


Whether a two- or three-dimensional matrix, risk graphs or FMEA process risk evaluation: Several methods have already been implemented with SHERM. An ergonomic matrix is also available to assess physical strain.


SHERM prepares aggregations, so statistical results can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Safety experts log on to the system and you can see incidents that occured during a certain period of time, the employees can see which safety targets have been reached on the intranet, and the measures report satisfies the curiosity about open, completed and planned measures and projects.

The functionality includes training planning (content and participants, resources) and scheduling. Online tutorials can use both presentations and videos as training materials. Following an e-learning session, the participants are invited to a knowledge check. If the result is poor, the training will be repeated. If the course is positive, the participants will receive a certificate, and SHERM will automatically recognize this as „attended“ and thus obtain the legal proof of training.

You can use SHERM for certain aspects of the legal register (for example, for notices only). The master data (such as responsible person & organizational structure, etc.) helps to fill in the key data, in the second step grants and obligations are defined.

PPE supported or not, and what is the job appropriate PPE. These are the questions that SHERM can often answer easily. With two additional functions, we have made SHERM a PPE expert. This concerns the PPE issue at the personal level and the PSA plan (so-called „blue placard“). The link to the risk assessments makes this functionality all the more practical.

SHERM is aware of upcoming reviews and informs the safety manager. Results are documented and the status of the system is adjusted. The need for action is raised in the form of measures and the improvement process takes its course. The special feature of this module is the review monitor, it gives an overall view of results and upcoming appointments per construction type and drill-down to single equipment level.

Enhancement is SHERM’s fuel. The measures offer much more than just the setting of deadlines: through procedures such as responsible persons, approval, effectiveness check –  these become projects. The idea database also has the cost estimation component. Ask your employees for ideas and the right one will improve your business..

In the integrated management system you evaluate the actors in the company environment according to different criteria. The result is an instruction manual for dealing with suppliers, customers and partners.


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