With focus on people and “Art of Hosting” as background

With focus on people and “Art of Hosting” as background

Individuality, spontaneity, full of ideas and curious. Properties of a personality, that are strengths in many situations, can turn into hazards at production sites. We are looking for a model that would link safe behaviour and the potentials integral to human nature in occupational safety. For this purpose we’d like to introduce you to „Art of Hosting“.

The talk ‘Hazardous Safety’ on the VOESI convention in Wels was dedicated to a phenomenon known from industrial psychology: The search for the reason of the readiness of employees to assume risk.

Be it ‘courageously cool’, ‘nothing will happen to me’, or ‘positive thinking/guardian angel’: all these manifestations are dangerous when working in a production line or on a construction site. Sabine Wolfsegger repeated to her audience, that around 80% of all accidents with personal damage have human factor root causes – unsafe acts. Habits play an important role in that.

So the goal of safety measures, especially trainings, must be to avoid a wrong (subjective) perception of safety of all people involved, also those with the ‘hero’, ‘hubris’, or ‘irrational’ traits.

A setup where measures allow for discussion of critical, safety-related questions, is essential. Examples:

  • Do discriminate cause and guilt, when analysing accidents. The latter should only be mentioned in cases of gross or wanton negligence.
  • Honor good behaviour with sincere commendation
  • Propose two makes of safety glasses and leave the decision to the employees that are going to use it. Often the most simple way to achieve broad support of such changes, by inclusion of those affected where possible.

So for the sake of safety, there is not always room for individuality, spontaneity, creativity and curiosity. With the ‘Art of Hosting’ concept, which en-software presented on the VOESI convention, personal potentials are bundled to develop a safety culture the participative way.


‘Art of Hosting’ is a co-creative approach to presentations, talks, meetings, and events. Its toolbox helps those who accompany the process to establish an inviting, constantly constructive atmosphere. As a result, innovative solutions and a strengthened team spirit can be harvested.


When we explained the applicability of the concept to their work to safety professionals, their appreciation showed that it has a perspective. One of the most creative ideas was to try AoH to evaluate construction site workplaces directly on the spot.


Art of Hosting was presented this summer at the European Forum Alpbach and spreads in organizations which are undergoing change processes. If the most important question of prevention was ‘How do we reach the people’, then we think that ‘Art of Hosting’ can be an answer. en-software offers AoH independently from any particular software project as a service – contact us on aoh@en-software.com or +43 (0) 2273/ 70205.


Photos: Harald Preyer

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