Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Foto: Richard Stöger

Foto: Richard Stoeger

In an amusing online discussion, contributors considered the protective qualities of jeans in a motorcycle accident. The answer: definitely none! If someone thought to find an alternative in lederhosen, is disappointed, too – they protect against cold temperatures at best.

On this year’s VOESI convention, visitors attended a demonstration of rescue and retrieval techniques. Also, recent novelties in the Austrian PPE regulation were explained.


PPE Plans are what production industry use to keep an up-to-date source of information about equipment required for all hazardous activities. We just completed a feature in our SHERM software to do just that.

The existing workplace risk assessment module has been extended by a per-activity table of equipment. For each activity, the mandatory action signs that apply can be selected along with symbols or photographs of items of equipment to wear. All information that is already given from the risk assessment, is proposed into the initial PPE Plan automatically. Another point-and-click leads to the hardcopy to publish on site. Here is an example:

The list can be completed with multiple activities, and details edited. You may use your own photographs as the basis for activity and equipment illustrations.

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