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en-software entered into a strategic partnership with the EUCUSA consultancy. EUCUSA in collaboration with INDIVIDUAL COACHING GmbH has developed a tool to evaluate mental stress and strain at work (workplace risk assessment) in compliance with legal requirements: EWOPLASS®, which perfectly complements the product portfolio of en-software and can be fully integrated into SHERM as a module.

No own survey needs to be set up and co-ordinated – both survey and implementation of resulting measures are conducted with a single tool! Because SHERM can control the follow-up that is needed during measure implementation: derive measures from results, define responsibilities, group measures and track implementation. SHERM users can continue to use an application they’re already familiar with, and additionally start using the integrated evaluation survey whenever they choose to do so.

Yet more areas of co-operation are considered.

On EUCUSA: The consulting firm develops bespoke strategic feedback systems and supervises the realization of newfound potential – here, their core competency is the increase of employee commitment and customer loyalty. Goal is the creation of humane working environments for managers and employees, as well as customer relations based on partnership.

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On INDIVIDUAL COACHING: The consulting business of Ulrike Amon-Glassl and Markus Glassl develops individually adapted building blocks for healthy enterprises together with the customer: The main focus  is on assessment and implementation processes. Those they see through from concept on to implementation all the way to eventually documentation. By combining occupational sciences, business administration, and technology, they warrant optimized work processes for a healthy and prosperous enterprise.

Further information:

 Why assess mental stress and strain?
And what can EWOPLASS® do?

Concerning legislation:

As of January 1st, 2013, by amendment of the occupational health and safety regulations (ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz BGBl. I Nr. 118/2012), Austrian companies are required to investigate objective psychological stresses and strains present at workplaces.

What is the desired effect?

The amendment emphasizes the importance of mental health and of preventing work-induced mental stress that leads to overstraining.

Why is that important?

The number of sick days caused by mental illnesses has tripled over the past twenty years, and this rising trend continues. Austria’s national external costs of work-induced mental stress amount to 3.3 billion Euro by now.

What is EWOPLASS®?

This is the brand name for „European Workplace Assessment“. EWOPLASS® is a new screening procedure per OENORM/DIN/EN/ISO 10075. The standardized questionnaire is “all-purpose” (approved by the Otto Friedrich University Bamberg) and can also be used in combination with a strategic employee survey. The testing procedure has been developed by EUCUSA Processing together with their collaborating partner INDIVIDUAL COACHING.

EWOPLASS® advantages:

  • Applicable throughout Europe: survey experience in more than 50 languages and 80 countries
  • Flexible: complete on paper and/or online. Can be combined with EUCUSA employee surveys and extended with company-specific questions, respectively
  • Unlimited number of employees and reporting groups
  • Economical: 42 positively phrased questions
  • Leading to act: results are prepared so as to easily proceed from outcome to action
  • Bespoke: target group specific reports
  • Prompt: extremely fast reporting

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