New „Legal register“ as a SHERM module

Laws, regulations, legal notices and resulting grants and obligations can be managed in SHERM from now on. Goal is to establish an indexed overview of legislative and authoritative documents, that concern safety, health, facility, waste management and more. The norm ranks follow European legislation, and can be extended to cover national and custom content.

A new legal register database, that integrates well with the existing System?

To achieve legal compliance with your company and its processes, make use one of these possible Scenarios:

  • SHERM links to legal data from an existing source repository
  • SHERM will be linked to the existing low database, which is being actualized permanent by the professionals.
  • Your team adds the relevant legal norms directly in the SHERM database and decide about responsible persons and Terms.

 The flexible master data configuration allows to work with the org structure users are already familiar with. There are more sources of regulations that can be processed, like contracts, legal notices and legal proceedings.

The laws are entered. What is next?

Developed to control the conformity and compliance of resulting obligations, this structured database is not isolated from other modules.  The part of legal register, which is relevant for work place assessment and safety data sheets is linked there.

To make it pleasant for the responsible persons, we connected the SHERM legal register with the measures, notifications and reminders.  Using these functions, the users remain well informed about the current status and open points. As in the other modules, there is possible to define the corrective measures and monitoring their status. Like from all other modules, flow the measures from the legal register module too into the global list and therefore could be requested and analyzed. Thusly the circle is closing.




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