Merry Christmas and season’s greetings!

We finish the working year 2016  with successful projects, and start 2017 with fresh ideas. Read the news, and pick your present.

SHERM Mobile available now

Keep an eye on safety at work, wherever you go. We now provide a native mobile App for safety advisors.
Use your self-defined checklists in an inspection or an audit, even when there is no network connection. Take pictures as you write down a finding. When you go online later, new reports are transported to the SHERM database automatically.

SHERM Mobile Startseite

Get your copy of the SHERM Mobile app for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 und 10 for a test drive:
SHERM Mobile. Versions for Apple and Android devices are in development and will be announced separately.

Data protection in mind

The mobile SHERM App does not process any personal data except your own user name – making it easy to comply with data protection regulations.

Small but useful presents

Whether SHERM, EHS+S, ISIS SAFETY or SARA: Occupational safety software not only has many uses, but many names. We want to spread improvements and ideas to all users. So we offer these features as a present to our customers:

Present 1: SHERM Mobile

For orders arriving until 31.03.2017, a 10% discount on the licence price for the App module applies.

Present 2: Temporary substitutions

Do you leave for holiday and need to forward measures or tasks to colleagues? This has now become possible with a single click: Taking over as a substitute, as well as delegation to a substitute is possible:


Present 3: Create hazard catalogs

Maybe you needed this earlier: Many similar workplaces need to be assessed, and the same hazards are linked over and over again. With this improvement, you can organize hazard templates in catalogs. We ship with the European A 017, which you can modify and extend as you need.

Contact us, if you like to introduce one or more of those features with your next update!

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