Work 4.0 – Face the challenges of digitalization with SHERM & EWOPLASS®


Work 4.0 may bring about the biggest impact yet in history of the working world: fueled by globally increasing competitive pressure, complete digital integration poses new challenges to working men, HR, and occupational health management.

Mental stress assessment with EWOPLASS® – European Workplace Assessment, available as an add-on to SHERM software workplace risk assessment, makes a perfect fit when it comes to cope with Work 4.0. The questionnaire has been developed by our partners INDIVIDUAL COACHING GmbH and EUCUSA Processing GmbH.

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Mag. Ulrike Amon-Glassl (occupational psychologist, management consultant and advisor in demography) and Bakk. techn. Markus Glassl (safety advisor, design thinking coach and software ergonomist) offer you extensive analyses in and about the working environment currently in EU focus:

  • Work 4.0 challenges
  • Work and job design adapted to age and ageing
  • Challenges of demographic change

Let us assume that we had applied EWOPLASS®, and identified stress factors as time pressure, blurring of occupational boundaries, and HR policy related risks in connection with age distribution.
So what next?

Ulrike Amon-Glassl and Markus Glassl help to develop efficient measures that target job design, processes and personnel development. The expert team from INDIVIDUAL COACHING supports enterprises with:

• Design Thinking workshops for IT and workplace process redesign
• Internationally proven and tested business games to train leadership and team behavior
• Optimization of the working environment and equipment.

Improve your competitive abilities, and empower your employees through early enough recognition of changing requirements.

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The consultancy designs bespoke feedback systems for their customers, uncovering the important and obscure: sensitivities, attitudes and perceptions. Empowered with this knowlegde, managers make good decisions for good results.
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