Plan appointments and synchronize with the Outlook® calendar

Use the integrated calendar to plan observations, inspections, meetings, and trainings. The calendar can synchronize appointments with Outlook®, if available and desired. The various ways in which appointments can be planned (like by distinguishing between point-in-time and time frame appointments) align with your business needs: For example not all kinds of audits are necessarily due on a particular day, but the auditor teams may have liberties of a week or even a month to file their report, without having the database complain, ‘overdue.’

Planning functionality:

  • Planned task (audit, inspection, …)
  • Aspect (work safety, occupational health, quality, fire protection, …)
  • With and without focus on a particular area or department
  • Provide appointment frames, to which participants can autonomously subscribe

Audit targets obtained from the calendar add up to auditors’ individual yearly target figures, which is the basis for the audit fulfilment statistical report.

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