Technical specification


SHERM is an intranet applikation. That means, the only thing required at the workstations is a web browser. It makes no difference whether such a workstation is a physical PC or a virtualized terminal (so called ‘thin clients’) – both is supported. SHERM runs in these browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 4
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9
  • Apple Safari 5 (also the mobile version on the iPad 2)


Favourably, the software will use the “integrated security” option of the browser, which means that employees with their own login account will enjoy single sign-on automatically. For shared PC scenarios (like it is often the case in control rooms an the like), we offer a proper login/password management. Access control inside the software is done using a user/role assignment. The privileges and memberships of each role can be administered by the SHERM key users themselves, allowing for a detailed control of read and write access.

Note that single sign-on is not supported in the Cloud variant.

Server infrastructure

This section does not apply when you use a hosted (‘Cloud’) version of SHERM

Also on the server side, both physical and virtual environments are supported. SHERM is scalable and made to grow with your business, accomodating to different amounts of data and throughput. You can have an installation using just one server, or distributed architectures with database and application servers on separate machines.

Database engine

SHERM requires a relational database to store your data. Three popular databases are supported:

  • Oracle 11g
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008
  • MySQL 5.2

Depending on the prerequisites available in your existing IT infrastructure, combining architectures and technologies of different providers may be considered – for example it is possible to run SHERM on a Microsoft Internet Information Server with MySQL as the database backend.

Application server

In order to publish the SHERM portal on the intranet, a web server must be operated capable to serve ASP 2.0, and with the Microsoft.NET Framework 4 installed. In addition the background processing service of SHERM will be installed on the same server, dealing with periodical jobs like mail notifications. An SMTP gateway should be reachable so SHERM will be able to send mail.


All data pertaining to SHERM are stored inside a single database. Therefore, a periodical backup of this database is a sufficient protection agains data loss in disaster recovery scenarios.

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