Working with SHERM

Simply more safe – and simple for sure!

During development, one of our objectives was to minimize required user training time. For this reason, the user interface is consequently built of similar – and few - elements. A versatile permission concept allows to hide complexity from users who do not need it.

Start page Screenshot of the start page

The landing page contains informational and navigational sections, comprising these elements:

List views

Lists in SHERM serve the purpose of accessing data already in the data base. In this context, several tools are at your disposal:

  • Browse by date ranges and keywords
  • Get results according to a particular set of criteria
  • Sorting, add/remove columns, browse page-wise
  • Print a hardcopy
  • Export and post-process as a spreadsheet


Forms are used to enter and edit data. When a process requires it, they can be arranged in multiple pages, leading users step by step through a workflow (eg. incident reporting: basic data, root cause analysis, definition of measures).

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