From Spring to early Summer was en-software traveling from one conference to another.

The participance in HSE Excellence Europe was a premiere. At the international congress in Lisbon, we were not just the exhibitors, but much more the co-designers. Together with Torsten Hälbich (Mondi Group), we demonstrated to the audience how SHERM can comfortable and efficient assist by conducting the Management Focussed Audit (MRFA).

In the MRFA audit, a manager, together with employees, scrutinizes aspects such as: appropriate training, execution, approval, behavior, supervisor support, and determines what can be improved.
This is exactly where SHERM App has done its job. In a small group, the participants first discussed an example situation and then used App to define the improvements. Most improvements were behavior-based.

At the Prevention Forum in Innsbruck we were awaited by the familiar surroundings. To our delight, we shared this time the stand with our colleagues from Compu Group Management (CGM). The most popular topics were ISO 45001 and Environmental Management, App, as well as online training.

Most of all we were pleased about the visit of our existing customers and partners.